New Line to Adapt Vertigo Crime Comic "The Kitchen"

The Tracking Board reports "Straight Outta Compton" screenwriter Andrea Berloff will pen the adaptation.

Characterized as "'Goodfellas' meets 'Mob Wives,'" the eight-issue miniseries by writer Ollie Masters and artist Ming Doyle follows three women in 1970s New York City who are each married to a member of the mafia. When their husbands are sent to prison, the wives step up and take over the family business. However, when they realize they actually enjoy the work, the face the question of what happens when there husbands are released.

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Berloff, who along with Jonathan Herman received an Academy Award nomination for "Straight Outta Compton," also wrote Oliver Stone's 2006 disaster drama "World Trade Center."

Sam Brown and Michael Disco will executive produce "The Kitchen" for New Line, which, like Vertigo parent company DC Entertainment, is a division of Warner Bros.

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