New line at Image Comics premieres in October

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[Primate]SAN DIEGO, CA. In October 2001, Image Comics unleashes a new and exciting publishing banner, not to mention a 1000 pound ape.

PRIMATE: The Sword Of Darwin is the first book in the new Image Introduces line. It promises to bring all of the excitement and look of a feature film to the four color page.

Famed neurologist and anthropologist Catherine Lim's lab/refuge is attacked by an elite band of ruthless mercenary poachers. All of her study group of chimps, apes and orangutans are stolen or killed, except one. The only survivor is her prize pupil, Bobo â€" a giant silverback ape. Triggered by the emotional strain of losing loved ones and the use of a mysterious ancient science, Bobo's mental capabilities are expanded to a full 100%. Now, Bobo is not quite animal, not quite human, but better than both.

Follow Bobo's bloody trail of revenge from the jungles of Africa to the snow-covered streets of New York as he seeks out the cruel men that destroyed his family. See him struggle with a mind so powerful it equals his own physical power.

PRIMATE: The Sword Of Darwin is written and co-created by popular comic book writer (as well as the last real man in comics) Beau Smith. Some of Smith's latest projects are Star Wars Tales, Wonder Woman vs. Xena and Parts Unknown. "I'm pretty stoked to have Primate be the rollout book for Image Introduces. Primate is kinda' like the movie Die Hard only instead of Bruce Willis, it's a giant silverback ape... and Bobo's a lot smarter," said Smith.

Joining Smith in the writing and creation of PRIMATE is famed screenwriter/actor Kevin Bernhardt. Bernhardt's credits include over 15 films that he has written and/or produced. In his career he has worked with such noted actors as Chris Rock, Dennis Hopper, Eric Roberts, Tia Carrere, Donald Sutherland, Patrick Swayze and Dolph Lundgren. Bernhardt is also the screenwriter for the film based on Billy Tucci's popular SHI comic book.

Artist Mitch Byrd has penciled this book using his cinematic style, an approach that blends well with inker Ryan Odagawa. Special attention has been made to give PRIMATE a film-like quality, especially through colorist Mark Nicholas' special techniques.

PRIMATE: The Sword of Darwin will have two covers. The first is by Alex (Danger Girl) Garner, while the second is fully painted by noted sci-fi illustrator David Michael Beck. Each cover will come with its own individual retail code.

PRIMATE: The Sword of Darwin is being packaged by San Diego based creative services company Idea and Design Works. IDW is the premier comic art and graphic design studio. Their clients include Activision, Dimension Films, Fox Family/Saban, Microsoft, Upper Deck, WildStorm, WizKids, and many others. IDW President Ted Adams said, "At IDW, we've worked on some of the biggest properties in video games, TV, and movies. It's been fun for us to work on something that we co-own with Beau and Kevin."

There will be no worries of the book shipping late, it's already finished! Idea and Design Works want to make this as low risk and high profit as possible for the retail community.

A preview of the first 5 pages can be found at www.ideaanddesignworks.com/primate.html.

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