New Life for Mercury Chronicles?

Thanks to CBR's enterprising Comics Twitter Directory, we're able to keep track of the multitude of comics creators and see what they're talking about. Like comics writer/retailer and friend of the blog Vito Delsante posting the full issue of his book The Mercury Chronicles (with artist Mike Lilly) on his blog. This #0 issue saw the light of day five years ago at SDCC as a giveaway for now-defunct comics publisher Speakeasy, but has been without a home since. Seems like Delsante has dusted it off and wants to see if fans would like to see more.

To find out more, we asked Delsante himself -- and here's what he said:

I just wanted more eyes on it since it's been written for years and is still not available for purchase or download.  Anyone who knows me knows that it's been a bit of a labor of love, emphasis on labor (as in childbirth with contractions and it takes forever), and that the only speed bump on the road to publishing is that Mike Lilly, the artist, has been offered paying work throughout the life of the comic, which meant putting Mercury on hold until enough of a war chest was saved up.  Maybe, if enough people tell Mike that they'd be willing to shell out $3 for each issue (or $20 or so for a graphic novel), maybe we can get this done.  I'd contemplate making a Kickstarter project out of it, if I only knew that yes, people do want to see this.

Read the 16-page zero issue over at Vito's site, and make your voice heard if you'd like to read more on this pulp/hero series.

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