New 'Kissing Chaos' one-shot hits in July

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When Eisner-nominated creator Arthur Dela Cruz released NONSTOP BEAUTY, the second arc in his KISSING CHAOS series, he pulled a switcheroo on readers by introducing an entirely new cast. Those expecting an update on the tragic romance of Angela and Damien were left on hold-until July. The 1000 WORDS one-shot is going to check in with the pair and see how the events of the original KISSING CHAOS series has effected them. Adding to the specialness of the issue, it will be an issue-length story presented at regular comic book size.

"From reading the initial miniseries," Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich explained, "I wouldn't blame you for thinking KISSING CHAOS is simply a cool take on the road trip and crime genres. With NONSTOP BEAUTY, Arthur opened everything up, revealing that what he's really doing is creating a modern epic. All the elements interconnect, and while each story stands on its own, when it all comes together, something much larger will be revealed."

[Kissing Chaos: 1000 Words]"1000 WORDS comes out of some story issues I noticed when outlining the next series," Dela Cruz said. "I saw some points where that I wanted to elaborate on, but that didn't quite fit in the fabric of my tale. There will also be another one-shot in December, which will give fans more KISSING CHAOS while I work on series three and an original graphic novel Neelam Arora and I are putting together for Oni. It will lessen the wait."

"Additionally," Dela Cruz continued, "I didn't want to leave Damien and Angela dangling too long. They were mentioned in NONSTOP BEAUTY, and some of the things Ashley learns from Everett give some hints to their situation, but it seemed unfair to tease. Plus, Angela is one of those characters I always find myself coming back to, so it will satisfy some of my artistic impulses at the same time."

Those who are wondering about the conclusion of KISSING CHAOS: NONSTOP BEAUTY will be pleased to know that the final issue will hit stores this coming Wednesday, March 26. "Arthur wraps everything up," Rich said, "while also pointing the way for where the current cast will go next. All of our endings are also beginnings in our chaotic world."

KISSING CHAOS: 1000 WORDS is a 32 page one-shot, featuring black-and-white story and art. It ships to comic book stores on July 30, 2003, and retails for $2.99. It's suggested for mature readers.

Readers looking to sample KISSING CHAOS can read the very first issue at http://www.onipress.com, where it's available as a downloadable pdf in the Free Comic section. The KISSING CHAOS trade paperback is still in print. The Diamond Star code is STAR16611 or the ISBN 1-929998-32-5.

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