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SLG Publishing, the venerated disseminator of sequential art and illustrated works of fiction, announced this week the August 2002 publication of the picture-and-story book Everything Can Be Beaten, written by the illustrious author Mr. Chancre Scolex (sometimes known as Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac), with pictures painted by the estimable artist Mr. Crab Scrambly.

Admirers of the well-beloved Mr. Chancre Scolex should find reason to rejoice in the publication of Everything Can Be Beaten (which, according to the author, is "based on a completely fabricated true story"), scheduled for a retail release date of August 8.

Mr. Scolex devoted his time and talent to writing Everything Can Be Beaten's compelling story, as well as to designing the book's unique layout and the appearance of its complex, multi-faceted characters. Matching Mr. Scolex's devotion to quality and artistry, Mr. Scrambly supplied colorful painted illustrations. These paintings vividly depict the story of IT, a hapless creature who breaks out of his monotonous existence to explore the realms that lie outside of the only room he has ever known.

Bored of a life spent beating an endless supply of kittens, IT ventures outside and discovers a world entirely new to him. Though he is at first elated to find a place full of wonder and happiness, IT soon realizes that he can never belong in this welcoming, joyful land. "Alone in paradise," he is despondent and depressed until he realizes that, indeed, everything can be beaten, even in this strange new world.

"Everthing Can Be Beaten is an allegory that manages to be strangely endearing even while it depicts the disturbing and horrible acts that IT commits. The reader realizes that IT is, basically, an innocent in an unfamiliar world, doing the only thing he knows how to do," said ebullient SLG Assistant Publisher Jennifer de Guzman Belew. "The book shows how we retain who we essentially are, even in new places and circumstances. And although Mr. Scolex's fans are used to seeing his own artwork accompanying his stories, I'm sure they'll find that Mr. Scrambly's gorgeous but creepy paintings are a perfect match for the story."

She added, "Despite the fact that Mr. Scolex left a mostly-empty bottle of Coca-Cola on my desk the last time he visited, I still think he is a man of the utmost character, which his work reflects."

Everything Can Be Beaten is a twenty-four page, 6 by 5" full-color storybook with a glossy cardstock cover. Its retail price is $3.95, and it will be available in finer stores nationwide in August 2002.

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