New Images of DC's "Second Wave" Hit

Following the close-up look at pages and designs from "Before Watchmen" that hit earlier today, DC Comics has released a slew of new pages for its "Second Wave" of the New 52 via Yahoo's Buzzfeed.

While some of the images, such as Kevin Maguire's cover for "World's Finest" have already been seen, most of the photos showcase never-before-seen pages and designs for all the "Second Wave" books set to hit in May, including Ariel Olivetti pages for "The War That Time Forgot" by J.T. Krul and Dan Panosian's pages for "Unknown Solider" by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray inside "G.I. Combat"; Chris Burnham's pages "Batman, Incorporated" by Grant Morrison; Mateus Santolouco's designs and interiors for "Dial H" by China Mieville; new Kevin Maguire images from "World's Finest" by Paul Levitz with further art by George Perez; Ian Churchill's designs for "The Ravagers" by Howard Mackie; and uncolored interior pages by Nicola Scott for "Earth 2" by James Robinson.

Check out the newly-released art below and stay tuned to CBR News for more on the upcoming "Second Wave" of the New 52.

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