New Horror Anthology From Narwain Entitled "Fiendish Fables"

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Fans of the classic horror and suspense comics of yesteryear will behappy to hear about the upcoming publication of FIENDISH FABLES, a newanthology releasing from Narwain in late August. Diamond ComicDistributors has highlighted the book with a "Certified Cool" rankingin their June Previews catalog.

FIENDISH FABLES is the brainchild of writer John Schlim Jr., who setout to create a collection of creepy tales inspired by the classichorror comics that defined the genre. Anybody who's familiar with thetimeless works of EC and Warren will recognize Schlim's use ofstorytelling techniques made famous by those pioneering publishers:twist endings, cruel revenge, horrific irony, and tragic morallessons.

"John Schlim Jr's Fiendish Fables hearken back to those glorious days.They're short and often grisly; they're fun and entertaining,fast-paced, well told, illustrated by a variety of styles," says JeffMariotte, who wrote an introduction for this anthology.

"So much of today's horror seems focused on nothing more than sadisticvoyeurism," adds Schlim. "I wanted to revisit some of the classictraits and story elements of other eras to put some fun back intohorror. The resulting tales of terror might not be works of literarymerit, but hopefully these twisted vignettes provide some hair-raisingreading pleasure for Halloween."

The book includes nine black and white stories illustrated in a widerange of artistic styles, but they don't all take the same nostalgicapproach. Some are told in a more contemporary style, and one evenuses a humorous tone.

"I was thrilled and honored to have Jeff Mariotte writing theintroduction to this anthology and Billy Tucci providing the cover,"says Schlim, "as well as to collaborate with such an amazing group ofartists. Thanks to their incredible talents in visual storytelling,you'll be able to witness marauding zombie kids, a bloodthirstyvampire horse, vengeance-seeking storybook creatures, a wild westmonster, the debut of Goth Ghost Girl, and much more!"

FIENDISH FABLES is suggested for mature readers, and features 48 pagesof beautifully grayscaled black & white artwork for only $3.49. Itincludes an introduction by Jeff Mariotte (Angel/Desperadoes) and acover by Billy Tucci (Shi/Zombie-Sama).Previews order code JUN06 3277.

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