New 'Hopeless Savages' series and trade on the way in June

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[Hopeless Savages]Due to its status as a cult favorite of 2001, Oni Press is designating June 2002 as HOPELESS SAVAGES month. To celebrate, Oni is releasing both the first issue of the new HOPELESS SAVAGES: GROUND ZERO miniseries and the trade paperback collection of the first miniseries. The story of the punk rock Hopeless-Savage family and their oddly functional dysfunctions quickly earned a solid fanbase and left many wondering when they'd get more.

"HOPELESS SAVAGES is one of those homegrown Oni projects," said editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "Jen Van Meter, the series creator, began developing it with us, she debuted the characters in our first COLOR SPECIAL, and it has only gotten bigger from there. And everyone involved has been an Oni perennial. Last year's miniseries was just a taste."

That same miniseries is the focus of the HOPELESS SAVAGES trade paperback. The four issue story was written by Van Meter, with Christine Norrie handling main art chores and BLUE MONDAY's Chynna Clugston-Major drawing flashback sequences in each issue. Covers for the series, as well as the trade, were drawn by Andi Watson (BREAKFAST AFTER NOON). In addition to the four black-and-white issues, this collection will also feature a 16-page color section with the stories from the two COLOR SPECIALs, the online comic strips, and the newly colored two-page story from Oni's 2001 convention ash can.

"With HOPELESS SAVAGES, Jen is creating an entire family history," Rich continued. "There are a myriad of stories she can tell, and once you've read a couple, you'll want to read them all. We felt collecting everything that has been released up until now was the way to go."

"You don't have to read every story to know what's going on," Van Meter added, "but getting all the little tidbits just contributes to the characters and the overall portrait of the Hopeless-Savage family. Plus, having the color items in there will just make for a pretty book."

To coincide with the release of the collection, Oni is also debuting the second full-length HOPELESS SAVAGES miniseries. Subtitled GROUND ZERO, this four-issue mini looks at Zero's first romance, and how it's tripped up by a series of unfortunate events. "Once the poor girl gets grounded, it's a little hard to have a rendezvous of love," Van Meter explained. "That's sort of the impetus for the series. She really likes this boy, but how is she going to make it happen if she can't leave the house? Over the course of the issues, different family members tell stories about how they first fell in love. It ended up being a great device to keep the flashbacks around, which were very popular in the initial mini, and also give all three of our original artists something to draw."

[Hopeless Savages TPB]Andi Watson, who did covers for the first series, will do his first HOPELESS SAVAGES interiors by illustrating the story of Nikki Savage's teenage heartbreak in #1. Later issues will have similar stories with art chores handled by Chynna Clugston-Major and Christine Norrie.

"With Christine Norrie embroiled in her own miniseries, we kind of are back to square one," Rich said. "Sort of like how Chynna drew the first short story, but then BLUE MONDAY prevented her from doing the miniseries. But, we've found an amazing artist to take over. Bryan O'Malley is new to most people, but he's really got a handle on the medium. His work really captures the innocence and insecurity of adolescence."

Also joining the team is new cover artist Terry Dodson, best known for his work on HARLEY QUINN and other mainstream titles. "We were really lucky to get Terry," Van Meter said. "His first cover--which I also think is the first job he penciled, inked, and colored himself-is a lot different than what people would expect from him. It's fantastic!"

Those who would like to refresh their memories about HOPELESS SAVAGES can read the online comics at http://www.onipress.com/sundaycomics. You can also get a peek at Bryan O'Malley's art style in his own series LOST AT SEA on the same page (a miniseries of which is due from Oni later in the year).

HOPELESS SAVAGES, the trade paperback collection, features 112 black-and-white comic book pages as well as a 16 page color section. It has a color cover, and it retails for $13.95. It will be printed at 5 ¾" and 8 ¼", the same size as the BLUE MONDAY trades.

HOPELESS-SAVAGES: GROUND ZERO #1 (of 4) is a 32 page, black-and-white comic with a full color cover and retails for $2.95. It is standard comic-book size.

Both books are scheduled to shimmy and shake their way into comic shops June 7, 2002.

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