New "Heroes" Video Previews - "Unexpected"

Video Previews of "Heroes" 2/19 Episode - "Unexpected"NBC has released video clips from the 2/19 episode of "Heroes" titled "Unexpected." What's that mark on Ted & Matt's neck? What are Mohinder & Sylar up to? What pressures are wighing on the Petrelli family? That and much more.

To satiate the appetites of "Heroes" fans everywhere, NBC has released video previews of the next episode of "Heroes" called "Unexpected" and we've got them for you. The five clips below give you an advance look at what's to come in the next episode, including what Mohinder & Sylar are up to, the pressures that are weighing on the Petrelli family, what that mark on Ted & Matt's neck is and much more. Simply click the links below. You'll need the Flash player to watch them.

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