New Hellboy Comic Reveals Rasputin's Secret History

Fans of Mike Mignola's Hellboy are surely aware of how Grigori Rasputin ties in with the beloved comic book hero's origin during the events of World War II, but how exactly did the Mad Monk join the ranks of the Axis powers? That question, "and more," are about to finally be answered in a new comic titled Rasputin: Voice of the Dragon.

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"In the waning days of WWII, a group of Nazi occultists led by the infamous Rasputin performed an arcane ritual to call up a demon from hell, intending to use it to defeat the Allied forces," Chris Roberson (Hellboy Winter Special), who is co-writing the series alongside Mignola himself with art by Christopher Mitten, told The Hollywood Reporter. "When the demon arrived, though, it was adopted by an English occult investigator, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, who named him Hellboy. But how did Rasputin, a Russian mystic who the world believed to be dead for years, come to command such a position of authority in the Nazi leadership, and did Bruttenholm and the Allies ever suspect that he was the one pulling the strings behind the scenes?"

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Readers will find out when the series launches digitally and in comic book shops on November 29.

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