New "Green Lantern" Posters Highlight The Corps

With its debut in theaters on June 17 scarcely over a month away, the publicity hype for Warner Bros. DC Comics adaptation "Green Lantern" is picking up steam. After a series of solo posters featuring characters like Tomar Re hit the Web, today the studio released (via Yahoo! Movies) its new official poster for the film, highlighting the core members of the space-patrolling Green Lantern Corps:

Of course, aside from Ryan Reynold's Hal Jordan, Mark Strong's Sinestro, Michael Clarke Duncan's Kilowog and Geoffrey Rush's Tomar Re, there are quite a few other Lanterns to work their way into the film including the doomed Abin Sur and fan favorite comic character Boodikka amongst others. That full slate of Green Lanterns debuted today as Spinoff Online reported in a new banner for the film:

Between these releases and the latest GL TV trailer, who knows what Green Lantern artifacts will hit the Web next. So stay tuned to CBR News and Spinoff Online for more as it becomes available.

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