New "Gotham" Featurette Teases Growing Mob War in Batman-less City

The world of Fox's pre-Batman drama "Gotham" may be built on mob rule, but no one ever said mafia control would last forever.

No, the Dark Knight isn't showing up any time soon to clean up the town, but in a new teaser trailer on the Gotham Underworld, the seeds of a mob war are sewn. Focusing on the tension between the ruling Falcone family and the upstart Maroni clan, the look inside the DC Comics adaptation offers insight into how the power struggles in the shows future will play out. Executive Producer Bruno Heller, DC CCO Geoff Johns and star Ben McKenzie all chime in to prep fans for the Falcone/Maroni conflict -- especially eager beaver the Penguin.

Check out the trailer and stay tuned to CBR for more on "Gotham" before it airs a new episode this and every Monday at 8:00 p.m. E/P on Fox.

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