New Gotham Clips Reveal Emotional, Political Turmoil in a Mad City

Fox has released three new clips from this week's episode of "Gotham," titled "Mad City: Look Into My Eyes," featuring an awkward moment in the emergency room for Jim Gordon, the introduction of The Mad Hatter's sister and, perhaps most significantly, a change regarding Oswald Cobblepot's role in the city.

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As Jim receives medical treatment for a minor scalp wound, the attending physician gets into his head in a different manner by revealing announces he's engaged to Leslie Thompkins, Jim's former love interest. A clearly shaken Jim doesn't let this go without a warning, however.

In the second scene, viewers are introduced to Alice, the sister of Jervis Tetch, aka The Mad Hatter. As her sleazy landlord tries to put a move on her, he pays a steep price for his unwelcome advance as a glimpse of her powers is revealed.

And in a development reminiscent of Tim Burton's 1992 "Batman Returns," Cobblepot crashes a press conference, interrupting former Mayor Aubrey James' bid to reinstall himself in city hall -- by announcing his own candidacy.

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"Mad City: Look Into My Eyes" airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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