New Gods' Ava DuVernay Reveals How She Landed the Director's Chair


When it comes to superhero films, it seems like, more often than not, studios decide on a film and approach various directors in hopes of securing someone with a shared vision for a project. According to director Ava DuVernay, however, that's not what happened when it came to being hired for The New Gods.

During a Q&A session on Twitter, DuVernay was asked by a fan what the first thought to enter her head was after she was approached by Warner Bros. and DC for New Gods, to which she replied, "I actually said: 'Hey Guys, I wanna make a New Gods movie.' Then someone said ok."

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Of course, the fact that DuVernay was the one to approach the studio regarding a New Gods films shouldn't be too surprising. After all, she has previously stated that Big Barda is her favorite superhero. Still, it's a far different approach than we're used to seeing when it comes to blockbusters, especially considering DuVernay is both a female director and person of color -- both of which shouldn't work against her, but more often than not do.

DuVernay quickly made a name for herself following her third narrative feature, Selma, which put her atop many Hollywood wishlists, including that of Marvel Studios. As many will note, prior to hiring Ryan Coogler to direct Black Panther, the studio had actually approached DuVernay for the directing gig. However, for DuVernay, it wasn't a good fit because she didn't feel as though she'd have enough creative control over the project to make a film she felt comfortable putting her name on. With her having signed on for New Gods, however, it would appear as though she's being afforded the creative control she'd need in order to truly capture the Jack Kirby creation.

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Still, it'll be quite some time before we see any movement on the project, as it's in early development and currently does not have a release date. Still, for fans eager to see her take on Kirby brought to the big screen, it's great to know she's just as excited to tackle this world as we are to see it brought to life.

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