Ivan Reitman Teases New Ghostbusters Film in 2019

Ghostbusters fans may not have to wait too long to get another fix of their favorite franchise as recent comments by director and producer Ivan Reitman seem to signal that more movies are on their way in the very near future. While he doesn't confirm what form a new Ghostbusters film will take, it's pleasant news following concerns that the franchise was once again up in the air in the wake of mixed reactions to and lower than expected box office returns for the most recent reboot.

According to Screenrant, Reitman made the comments at a panel celebrating the franchise at this year's Comic-Con International in Sand Diego. He specifically noted that Sony is aiming to have some sort of Ghostbusters feature in theaters to celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of the original in 2019.

“Well, the studio is working on some really nice things," Reitman said. "First of all, I can’t believe the movie is still playing and being watched so assiduously… and I can’t believe I’m so old. Yeah, I think there’s going to be a lot of fun, a lot of special things. We’re going to try to tie one of our films close to that date."

However, Reitman didn't reveal what sort of film that would be, and since studio currently has both live-action and animated Ghostbusters features in the works, either one is a possibility. Furthermore, while it doesn't necessarily mean a return of the new cast, it also doesn't rule them out either. It's possible Sony could reboot the franchise again, or even bring together both versions' casts for an epic Ghostbusters crossover akin to IDW's recent comic storyline. While there are no more information on the project as of yet, a projected 2019 release date means that the wheels will be moving behind the scenes, so we're likely to hear about developments sooner rather than later.

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