The 10 Most Powerful New Gods From New Genesis, Ranked

While the majority of DC Comics casual fans will know the stories and history of Earth’s heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, there are so many other heroes and powerful beings throughout the DC Universe and beyond that have graced the comic book company’s pages. One such group of individuals are known as the New Gods of New Genesis.

Over the years, the New Gods conflict with Darkseid and the armies of Apokolips have become the stuff of legends. These beings are some of the most powerful in the DC Multiverse, but here are the ten most powerful ones.

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10 Bekka

The first of the New Gods that needs to be mentioned has to be Bekka, the daughter of Himon. Himon is known to the New Gods as the inventor of the powerful Mother Boxes and co-creator of the Boom Tubes alongside fellow New God Metron. Bekka is a gifted scientist and inventor much like her father and also harbors the same superhero strength, speed, and endurance all New Gods have.

Raised in secret on Apokolips while her father raised a rebellion against Darkseid, Bekka met and fell in love with Orion, and escaped to New Genesis with him later.

9 Shadowfall

Shadowfall had to make this list, as any good DC Comics list has to feature at least one archer. The powerful New God harbors the same physical abilities as all New Gods, but her expertise is that of a skilled archer and general.

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Part of the elite Council of Eight that receives orders from Highfather, Shadowfall is a military expert who leads attacks on the Orange Lantern Corps and tries to help get the Lantern Corps across the entire spectrum to join the New Gods using the life equation. She can shoot a power ring off of the wearer’s finger.

8 Lightray

Probably the most enthusiastic and least prone to violence of all the powerful New Gods, Lightray is a very powerful hero of New Genesis and beyond. Taking a less gloomy approach to heroics than his friend Orion, Lightray has the same abilities as all New Gods, but also has some powerful additions to his arsenal of abilities.

He could be considered the speedster of the New Gods, moving literally at the speed of light. This also allows him to build up, store and release solar energy, giving off extreme heat in the process, and can build light lifelike illusions.

7 Orion

Orion is one of the more unique and powerful New Gods, as he is technically the son of Apokolips leader and DC villain Darkseid. Traded to New Genesis in exchange for Highfather’s son Scott Free during a Peace Pact made between Highfather and Darkseid, Orion was raised on New Genesis by Highfather to control his natural rage and grew to become a hero.

He has all the abilities of a New God but is so much more powerful as the natural son of Darkseid that he is on par with his father’s power, but must fight to control his rage.

6 Mister Miracle

The other half of the Peace Pact between New Genesis and Apokolips is none other than Scott Free. The child was raised by Granny Goodness and survived many hardships, never letting his spirit break, and learning to be a hero by joining Himon’s resistance. He later met Big Barda, a member of Darkseid’s Female Furies, who later defected and married Scott.

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The two escaped to Earth, nullifying the Pact, and met the first Mister Miracle, Thaddeus Brown. Learning to become an escape artist, Scott also has the natural abilities of all New Gods, and is extremely resistant to many toxins.

5 Infinity Man

The Infinity Man of the New Gods gained his mantle after the original Infinity Man known as Astorr passed on and gave his mantle and power to Drax, the brother of Darkseid who nearly fell in battle himself. Training for years, he took up the mantle of Infinity Man and served Highfather on New Genesis.

Later he would become a complex weapon used by the Source to take out many of the New Gods and build a second source wall, later battling Mister Miracle, who uses the Anti-Life equation. He has natural New God abilities, plus phasing through matter.

4 Metron

For all his power, Metron is unique in that he possesses the natural New God abilities as well as being immortal and immune to all diseases, and yet his powerful knowledge and abilities are rarely if ever used in battle or combat. Instead, he is widely known simply as an observer, never taking loyalty to either side in the conflict between New Genesis and Apokolips.

Aside from his New God abilities, he is a genius level intellect. Metron is able to master creating genius level inventions based on scientific theories. He uses the Mobius Chair to travel through time itself.

3 Big Barda

One of the most powerful of all the New Gods has to be Big Barda, daughter of Big Breeda. Born over 250 years ago, Barda was raised by Granny Goodness and trained to one day lead the Female Furies. However, she eventually meets and falls in love with Scott Free.

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Taking a chance, she helps Himon and his rebellion against Darkseid, and later after Scott and others have escaped, she flees and joins him on Earth. She has the abilities of the New Gods, and her strength and skill are similar to that of Wonder Woman, one of DC’s Trinity.

2 Takion

While one of the most powerful of all the New Gods, Takion is interesting because originally he was a blind psychologist named Josh Saunders. He was chosen by Highfather as an Avatar of himself, as he felt Josh had no destiny. The high energy flowing in and out of Josh turned him into Takion, and he fled to protect Earth from his power.

Unlike most New Gods, Takion is technically the living embodiment of the Source and the spirit of Highfather. He is the conduit between the Source and New Gods, harboring an all-seeing understanding of the universe itself.

1 Highfather

The most powerful of all the New Gods has to be their leader, Highfather. The leader of all of his people, he was instrumental in making peace for a time between Apokolips and New Genesis, and consults with the mysterious and powerful Source energy when he needs to.

Originally a man of peace who sought non-violent solutions to everything, he was later retconned to be more of a general and battled hardened warrior in the New 52 era. He can manipulate energy known as Alpha Effect using his weapon, a staff that is directly tied to the Source energy.

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