New "Futures End" Teaser Hints at Major DC Universe Developments

When readers came to the end of last week's "The New 52: Futures End" #22, it was apparent that things are about to heat up in future-based weekly series. And when DC Comics' next wave of books hits, a 6-page teaser spread across the back of each new release will offer hints of what's in store for the characters populating the '5 Years Later' DCU as we, the readers, head into 2015.

Revealed on Nerdist, the teaser hints at major revelations for a number of DC's heroes and villains, some fairly obvious to those who have been reading along, and other that are potentially fairly shocking.

For starters, fans will get the Batman/Batman Beyond throwdown they've wanted to see for years, but will that come before or after what seems to be a Batman/Joker mind meld? Frankenstein's apparent transformation into a living man -- and a budding romance with Amethyst -- has been foreshadowed for several chapters, but Terry McGinnis becoming a murderer seems a little far fetched. Or does it? Who knows what lengths he might go to prevent his future from coming to pass.

Check out three of the images below, with the rest available on Nerdist, and then share your theories about what it all means with the CBR Community!

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