New from R. Crumb - 'Mr. Natural' Postcard Book

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Robert Crumb's most enduring character, Mr. Natural, is back on the scene in a square-bound Mr. Natural Postcard Book from Denis Kitchen Publishing.

The $11.95 book includes 24 different 4" x 6" color postcards. The lovable fly-by-night guru (or is he a genuine mystic?) is depicted at his most profound ("Where will it all end?"), perplexed ("Sometimes he just sits and stares"), pissed ("Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer!") and practical ("Get the Right Tool for the Job!").

Crumb, the world famous underground cartoonist, curmudgeon and musician, approved the images culled from archival sources and oversaw the new color. This is the second book from Denis Kitchen Publishing, the spiritual successor to his pioneer alternative house Kitchen Sink Press (1969-1999). The new small press debuted last year with a Harvey-nominated hardcover collection of The Grasshopper and The Ant by Crumb's idol and MAD creator Harvey Kurtzman.

The postcards are on a heavy stock (for those who hate wimpy postcards) and perforated for easy separation. Mr. Natural Postcard Book (ISBN 0-9710080-1-9) will be available in early August at progressive comic shops everywhere, Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog, the Last Gasp catalog and selected independent bookstores. Retailers can get Mr. Natural Postcard Book wholesale from FM International or Diamond Comic Distributors.

Individuals who order the Mr. Natural Postcard Book directly from the publisher will receive a free R. Crumb pinback button (2 choices) with each book!

All 24 designs have also been published as individual postcards (suggested retail 75 cents) for those who collect postcards, hate tearing apart even a perforated book, or who love sending lots of postcards. Retailers can get loose postcards wholesale from VisionWorks or the publisher.

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