New <i>Fringe</i> Promo Tackles Friday Night Death Slot Controversy

Fox is keenly aware that Fringe fans are nervous about the show's impending move to Friday nights. In an effort to cool those anxieties, producers and cast members alike have spoken out in defense of the Friday move, offering optimistic explanations about wanting to conquer unclaimed territory. Still, as much as we want to buy into that optimism, many fans are having a hard time getting excited about Fringe's new time slot.

But Fox isn't giving up just yet. The network has released a new promo that tackles the Friday night controversy head on, quoting various news outlets and commentators who've decried the time slot as the place where "other [shows] were cast out to die" and a move that marks "the beginning of the end" for Fringe.

"You may think Friday night is dead," the network retaliates in the new promo, "but we're gonna re-animate it."

If nothing else, at least the network isn't shying away from the Friday night controversy. Whether or not that helps Fringe's continued survival remains to be seen. The series resumes its third season on January 21, 2011 with an all-new episode titled "Firefly."

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