New "Fantastic Four" Images Reveal Super Suit Details

Total Film has released new images from "Chronicle" director Josh Trank's "Fantastic Four" reboot -- four new images, to be exact. The images offer new, up-close looks at Miles Teller's Reed Richards and Kate Mara's Sue Storm as well as a full body shot of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm.

The shots of Reed and Sue give the best indication of what the titular foursome will wear in the film. While neither are wearing their classic superhero suits with "4" logos, they also aren't wearing street clothes either; in fact, Mara's outfit would look right at home on the bridge of the "Star Trek's" Enterprise. Noticeably absent from the photos is the fourth member of the team, Jamie Bell's computer-generated Ben Grimm.

If you want to see these costumes in action, you can check out the previously released trailer. "Fantastic Four" opens on August 7.

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