New Exiles #2 Review

We didn't have enough Marvel reviews, so I figured I should do some more - BC.

It's always nice to see a comic book where the creator (or editor) seems to be taking some of the criticisms to heart, as New Exiles #2 greatly improved in a number of significant aspects, and while it certainly lagged in some other areas, the end result was a nice improvement, to the point where I think that, on the whole, it was just barely a good comic book (do note that there are still some notable problems).

My biggest concern with the first issue of New Exiles was that there was an inordinate amount of past continuity in the first issue, which really defeated the purpose of a relaunch. None of that was an issue with this comic, although most of the problems were alleviated simply by not using Sage, as Sage is basically a walking continuity calamity at the moment, so just by removing her from the equation, things were a lot simpler. In fact, the ONLY piece of continuity that was addressed in this continuity was the tallus situation between Psylocke and Sabretooth, which is from last issue, which is completely reasonable.

Okay, the bad stuff. The dialogue is still a bit on the clunky side, and the opening bad guys make Rouge Mort look like Doctor Doom. Here are the bad guys....

The next page, I'll supply the dialogue from the issue (as these pages are sans word balloons)...

First panel - "Your friend's a dreamer - Blackdog and the Panther's Bloodforce have never been beaten!"

Last two panels (and do note that this dialogue is for real, it's not a joke) - "I am Rough Justice!" and then "Mine is the hand that deals out the wrath of our monarch!"


Luckily, these bad guys only show up for awhile. The rest of the comic details Rogue dealing with a young Atlantean named Gambit (cute) and Psylocke and Sabretooth meeting up with this universe's Storm and Wolverine. Meanwhile, Gambit's mother is Sue Storm (couldn't go an issue without a member of the FF, eh?) and his dad is (SPOILER) someone who APPEARS to be...Namor/Black Panther!!

That was a neat twist.

Nice to see Claremont having some fun with the vast possibilities of the Omniverse. People can be anyone he wants them to be, and having Black Panther be Namor is quite clever.

Tom Grummett's artwork is pretty good.

The total package is a comic that has some real rough moments in the beginning, but rebounds to take advantage of the pure fun that is the world of the Exiles, and does the concept of NEW Exiles proud, by not using past continuity.

Slightly Recommended.

EDITED TO ADD: You know, upon second thought, I really don't think I can recommend this comic, in good conscience. The issue was pretty good, but ya know what, pretty good should not be good enough to get a recommendation. I think I got caught up in how much of an improvement this issue was over previous issues, and I let that color my stance - and I should not have. My apologies.

So slightly not Recommended.

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