New Excalibur #24 Review

I'll be honest with you, this storyline in New Excalibur really confused me. It's been SEVEN parts, and the first four or five issues moved sooooo slowly. Last issue picked up the pace, and then this issue just rushed like crazy to get everything done. It is bizarre. Perhaps writer Chris Claremont did not know this would be his final arc on the title when he began it? That would make some sense, as this issue draws things to such an abrupt conclusion that it almost certainly could not be a natural ending.

Jeremy Haun continues to impress me with his odd approach to superhero action, as he keeps giving the book this grounded feel which makes it look really distinct. At times, though, he seems a bit rushed as well.

Just for the record, at least one usage of the term "What the devil?" appears in this comic.

SHOCKINGLY, both of the remaining Shadow X-Men perish, but Jean Grey's departure is handled quite well, I think, as she makes a sacrifice worthy of the original Jean Grey.

To be honest, there's not really all that much to the plot, it is a standard action issue. Hero A punches Villain B, Villain B punches Hero A, Heroes B, C and D show up to attack Villain B. You get the picture.

Sage regains her personality (a bit too quickly, to be frank), and she quite nicely reacts to her return by quickly acknowledging her crimes while brainwashed. It is a good scene.

Also, after the inevitable victory, Claremont has a number of excellent character scenes, from Iceman's dying act, to superheroes shoveling snow to Lionheart's reunion with her children.

And then book ends with a group celebration (and a funny scene where they show each character's superhero identity above the character in fancy clothes, but for a few of them, their superhero identity is basically just THEIR identity, so there is not much difference - it is kinda odd).

Claremont also does a nice job setting up both his own next story (the current Exiles/Excalibur crossover, which lamely was released BEFORE this issue) and whatever Juggernaut's future plans are. Good on him for setting up other writer's stories (even if one of the other writers happens to be him ;)).

Anyhow, this wasn't a bad issue, but it felt rushed, and I wouldn't recommend it.

Not Recommended.

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