"New Excalibur" #1 Brings Back Britain's Premiere Superhero Team

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Spinning out of the pages of House of M and Uncanny X-Men, England once again has a team of heroes to call its own. Captain Britain and Excalibur return in New Excalibur #1 with a new team ready to protect the shores of Great Britain from anything that may threaten it.

Excalibur has been popular in several different variations and New Excalibur promises to combine the best of the previous series with exciting new action and tension.

"This version's set in London and stars Captain Britain and while it deals very much with the repercussions of House of M, it is also very much involved in the fate of OtherWorld," says writer Chris Claremont. "It also has a similar mix of characters, and with any luck will radiate the same eclectic mix of Romance, High Adventure, occasional Comedy, Action & Character!"

This is Excalibur as you have never seen it before. A mixture of old and new members are brought together by fate to write a new chapter in the history of England's greatest superhero team. Previous members like the longstanding leader Captain Britain along with Pete Wisdom are joined by first-timers Dazzler, Juggernaut, Nocturne, and Sage to form the New Excalibur.

"Thus far, though, based on the art, this book rocks," says Claremont. "Great-looking cast, diabolical villains, evocative sense of time and place, and the odd, occasional giggle."

The events of New Excalibur #1 pick up right after the events of Decimation: House of M - The Day After with Pete Wisdom investigating the death of one of the would-be members of New Excalibur. This issue also features a guest-appearance from a current X-Man who was also one of the original members of Excalibur.

And what is a great X-title without great villains. "As for the first-arc villains, there are five and they represent the most dangerous adversaries any X-team has ever faced," says Claremont. And you will never guess the five Claremont has in my mind.

"Like Uncanny X-Men, New Excalibur is the story of people thrown together by fate and wild circumstance who find their way to true and lasting friendship," explains Claremont. "They aren't out to save the world, merely to help folks cope with the mess it's in. They may act like grumps from time to time but when you come to their door, they'll almost always make you welcome."

Witness a new beginning in both Excalibur and the X-Universe's history in New Excalibur #1.



Pencils & Cover by MICHAEL RYAN


FOC – 10/20, On Sale – 11/9/2005

On sale 11/2/2005


176 pages Collecting Excalibur (Vol. 1) 1-5 and The Sword is Drawn bookshelf edition


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