New Era Brings Exclusive "Arkham City" Caps to NYCC

When it lands in retail outlets this October, DC Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios' "Batman: Arkham City" will be turning the Dark Knight's home turf into an asylum inhabited by the hero's most insanely dangerous enemies. And just ahead of the game's release, ball cap company New Era will be looking to make inmates out of fans at New York Comic Con.

Over the course of the October 13 - 16 show, the manufacturer will debut an "Arkham City" inmate cap as an NYCC exclusive item available over the weekend on the show floor as well as the New Era Flagship store in Manhattan at 9 East 4th St. CBR News got an exclusive first look at the release, which features a lineup of Batman's worst rogues under its brim. Check out the images below, and for more on "Arkham City" be sure to check out CBR's comprehensive roundup of news, interviews and previews.

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