New "Elfquest" original graphic novel from DC in July

Official Press Release

Twenty-five years after the debut of the blockbuster saga ElfQuest, creators Wendy and Richard Pini return with their first new story in years. ELFQUEST: THE SEARCHER AND SWORD is an original, 96-page hardcover graphic novel scheduled to reach comic-book stores in July.

THE SEARCHER AND THE SWORD is the story of two heroes: Treestump, who must master the art of metallurgy, and Shuna, adopted human daughter of Cutter and Leetah, who embarks on a quest to unite elves and humans in peace.

Says Richard Pini, "One of the best things about being with DC is that, after a long hiatus, we finally have both the time and the way to produce the new ELFQUEST stories that we've had cooking for years. ELFQUEST always has a special magic when it's presented in the kind of color that only Wendy can do. THE SEARCHER AND THE SWORD is our first book for DC created in full-color, and we're so thrilled that it's going to have the same top-shelf treatment that their editorial and production staff bring to everything they do."

DC also announces that both ELFQUEST: WOLFRIDER VOLUME 1 (STAR19524) and 2 (STAR20060) have been sent back to press for a second printing. Please note that some copies of the first printings still may be available.

"When we were publishing ELFQUEST ourselves, we'd always overprint on a title to take care of reorders, but we'd also dream of needing to go back to press because the demand was there," says Pini. "That two of the DC ELFQUEST titles are going back to print so soon after publication is wonderful news."

ELFQUEST: THE SEARCHER AND SWORD will be advance-solicited in the April issue of Previews (Volume XIV #4) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on July 21 with a cover price of $24.95 U.S.

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