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Nothing like a quality bust and this month, one of the most memorable in all of comic history gets immortalized by Dynamic Forces in, well, a bust! Amid a Marvel-ous trio of spectacular sculpts featuring the ultra-evil Belasco and the hard-charging Rhino, the White Queen, as is her way, demands attention in her drop-dead gorgeous premier.

Inspired by the Frank Quitely art that graced the cover of New X-Men #116, Dynamic Forces, along with sculptor Gabriel Marquez and painter Dan Lane, has created the first-ever White Queen Bust. Limited to only 1500 production units in the world, this beautiful bust is a true work of art, capturing all of the malicious beauty of Emma Frost, once a sworn enemy of the X-Men and now a powerful ally of everyone's favorite mutants! Standing tall at 8" high (her other measurements are a well-guarded secret) the Dynamic Forces White Queen Bust is a must-have at $89.99!

In the company's continuing series of Earth X busts, designed and overseen by the one and only Alex Ross, Dynamic Forces now unleashes the "devil" himself -- Belasco! Since he first menaced the X-Men and robbed Illyana Rasputin of her innocence and childhood, the dread lord of the Netherworld has been a powerful force of evil in the Marvel Universe. Now, he practices his devilish tricks in the world of Earth X, and for the first time ever, he comes fully to life as an Earth X Bust from Dynamic Forces!

Belasco is designed by Alex Ross, sculpted by Pablo Viggiano and painted by Viggiano and Rodolfo Laborde and stands just under 5" in height, atop his uniform Earth X base. This fiendish piece is full of the detail and quality you've come to expect from all Dynamic Forces Earth X releases! Strictly limited to 1,000 production units and priced at $49.99, Belasco will menace your collection with his devilish deeds for millennia to come.

And finally this month, continuing the new Dynamic Forces line of "BIG" bad boy busts, featuring the biggest of the bad from the Mighty Marvel Universe, the Rhino gets captured in full destructive force by designer Juan Bobillo, designer/sculptor Martin Canale and painted by Alejandra Jorquera!

The Rhino, originally created by John Romita Sr. way back in Amazing Spider-Man #41 (the first villain created by John Romita Sr.), is seen here, rearing his trademark horn through a brick wall. The detail on this bust is unmatched ­ the scaly hide, the fearsome visage, the protruding and deadly horn smashing through as he seeks out his foe ­ Spider-Man!

Standing 9" tall and almost 9" wide and strictly limited to 750 production units worldwide, the Rhino is as massive as his namesake and prepared to wreak havoc on your collection! At $149.99, the Rhino is the perfect complement to our Abomination "Big" Bust offered last month!

All busts are scheduled to ship in December.

Attention retailers ­ special incentives and discounts are available for all three Marvel busts. Please call Dynamic Forces or visit our website for more details.

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases ­ including more Marvel merchandise, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com.

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