New Doctor Strange Poster Shows Off The Sorcerer's Impressive Threads

Hype for the upcoming release of Marvel Studios' "Doctor Strange" is in full swing., with the latest round of buzz coming from a new poster featuring Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as the Sorcerer Supreme.

In the poster, Doctor Strange marches towards the viewer, adorned in his trademark robes, cloak and amulet, the mystical Eye Of Agamotto. There's a determined glare upon his face, as he casts a spell in his right hand. Behind him, reality warps, mimicking the impossible physics of a surrealist painting. We see several cities featured, most prominently New York, London and Hong Kong. The tag line sums up the visuals quite nicely: "The Impossibilities Are Endless."

The powers the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Doctor Strange possesses aren't entirely known, though the poster hints that they will be impressive. So far, the trailers have revealed teleportation, mystical barriers, some flashy fire spells, and buildings shifting their form right in front of our eyes, but the true depths of Strange's mastery over the mystic arts remains to be seen.

The film will explore the origins of Doctor Strange, and pit him against an antagonist (Kaecilius, played by Mads Mikkelsen) who will challenge his ideals as he steps into his new role as a sorcerer.

"Doctor Strange" will be released November 4, 2016. It also features Tilda Swinton (The Ancient One), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Karl Mordo), Rachel McAdams (Christine Palmer), and Benedict Wong (Wong).

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