Yes, A Doctor Fate is Joining DC's Legion of Super-Heroes, Bendis Confirms

Doctor Fate

Soon, Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook will relaunch the Legion of Super-Heroes with new costumes, a new streamlined continuity and a bold new direction. Already, the creative team involved in the project has revealed the wide scope of characters that will be featured in the new book -- but there are still plenty more surprises to come.

Bendis revealed to Den of Geek that new characters will join the ranks of the fan-favorite superhero team from the future. Not only will the Legionnaires have a Gold Lantern on their roster, they will also have a brand new Doctor Fate.

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"I don’t think any of them are oddball," Bendis answered when asked about his favorite oddball Legionnaires. "I’m not bullshitting; they’re all awesome. I will say, I’ll plug our new ones. We have Monster Boy coming. We have Gold Lantern coming. We have a new Doctor Fate. So we’ll see the future of magic at DC. Also, I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on the design on Timber Wolf, so I’m very happy to hear that."

In the DC Universe, Doctor Fate is the alter ego of many characters who have come to wear the ancient, magical artifact known as the Helmet of Nabu. Characters such as Kent Nelson, Hector Hall and Khalid Nassour have all been Doctor Fate during one DC era, and now it appears as if the new Legion of Super-Heroes series will introduce the future version of the mystical character.

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Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 goes on sale September 18, followed by issue #2 on October 2 and the launch of the ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes series in November.

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