New digital comics site Zco.mx picks up steam

And a new website is looking to bring together webcomic creators under one roof to build an audience and a business for them.

Describes as a "curated not-for-profit comic-sharing" website, Zco.mx was inspired by the community nature of artist-oriented conventions like the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Using a straightforward web design (both for readers and participating cartoonists), Zco.mx aims to provide a hassle-free, high-quality anthology-like approach to webcomics, in part by using file-sharing systems like BitTorrent.

"Zco.mx is excited to have a variety of stories, genres and styles from different cartoonists available on one site," the founders state on their website. "We hope that by building this community, readers will be motivated to give back and support cartoonists and their work. People can contribute in many ways: donating money, blogging, posting comments on social media, and recommending cartoonists' work to others."

Webcomics seeking donations isn't new, but Zco.mx frames it easily as the opposite of print comics and digital comics. Whereas with most comics you pay upfront and hope it's good (i.e. "buy before you try"), Zco.mx hopes to flip the script into a "try before you buy" where the quality free comics will engender readers to chip in with donations and buy print copies of some of the titles listed on their website.

Such cartoonists as Roger Langridge, Andrea Tsurumi, Jordan Crane and David Lasky are already involved with Zco.mx, putting up both new material and older works. The site is curated by David Schilter, with code work by Steve Blatchford and Jim Karsten.

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