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Official Press Release

Beginning in January, Diamond Comic Distributors' consumer website (located at http://www.diamondcomics.com) entered the first phase of a general overhaul designed to move the site into the future both in terms of appearance and functionality. The site is the central hub of Diamond's online presence, and contains links to Previews Online, the Toy Chest, Video Vault, and the Diamond Bookshelf, as well as to special "boutiques" (such as the Lord of the Rings site) and weekly shipping lists, Previews Update, and more.

The site's new look is more modern and uses the latest web technologies to provide a more pleasing and intuitive experience for visitors. Currently, the updated look is restricted to the www.diamondcomics.com domain, but in the months of January and February, it will be added to the domains for Previews Online (http://previews.diamondcomcis.com), the Toy Chest (http://toychest.diamondcomics.com), and Video Vault (http://videovault.diamondcomics.com).

"This may seem like a simple face-lift," said Diamond Marketing Communications Manager Barry Lyga, "but we've implemented organizational changes that will make it easier for neophytes and longtime users to operate the site. It's also more interactive and more fun to look at, which means that visitors will stay longer, browse longer, and see more great products that they want to buy at their local comics shops. The Comic Shop Locator Service has much greater prominence in this new design, with consumers able to search for a store from any page through a convenient text entry box.

"More important than the cosmetic changes, though," Lyga continued, "are the changes we've made behind the scenes. The new site is designed to be able to change rapidly and automatically with the help of a database-driven engine. This means that once our new database system is online internally, we'll be able to reflect its contents to the world faster and better than ever before."

At the same time, Diamond's web team is hard at work on a top-to-bottom redesign and reorganization of the Retailer Services Area (http://retailer.diamondcomics.com). "That particular site has grown dramatically since its inception," said Diamond Internet Development Manager Mark Haynes. "With the addition of services such as Reorders Online, Comic Shop Locator Service profiles, and Previews on Windows functionality, the time has come to make the Retailer Services Area as user-friendly and as easily accessible as the consumer site."

Look for ongoing website improvements to all of Diamond's various sites throughout early 2002.

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