New Details On "The Wolf Among Us" "Fables" Video Game

New details on Telltale Games' "The Wolf Among Us" have surfaced.

When Telltale Games announced in March that its "Fables" game, "The Wolf Among Us" would launch this summer, fans got excited -- and after a month of relative silence on the upcoming project, the company has revealed new details on the adventure game based on Bill Willingham's long-running Vertigo Comics series via a feature with Game Informer. Along with new screenshots of the upcoming game, new details on the story of "The Wolf Among Us" were discussed, including that the game would fill in some of the "gaps and opportunities opened up by the comic," according to lead writer Pierre Shorette.

As previously known, the game takes place prior to the first arc of the "Fables" comic, as players take on the role of sheriff Bigby Wolf when Ichabod Crane was debut mayor rather than Snow White. The game will not only include some fan-favorite characters, but an expanded role for Colin the pig.

"A lot of times in the game, Colin calls out what you the player do," Telltale CTO and president Kevin Bruner told Game Informer. "If you choose to make a choice one way, Colin is a character who can tell you that you should have done it the other way or what it would have meant to do it the other way."

In addition to the central conflict of a murder investigation and staying covert as a Fable in the mundane world, "The Wolf Among Us" also centers in on Bigby's development of feelings for Snow White, who shows a more sheltered side in the video game, and why he isn't able to tell her how he feels.

"[Bigby's] relationship with her and how they build that relationship is a key part of the first episode and throughout the season," Lead designer Ryan Kaufman told Game Informer.

"A lot of the things that Bigby is confronted with during the game is challenging to his relationship with Snow," added Bruner.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Telltale video game without the possibility of making imperative decisions and building relationships with other characters -- a core principle of the company's critically acclaimed "The Walking Dead" video game that applies to making players balance Bigby's role as sheriff against his personal relationship with others.

"[You're] bending the rules and interpreting the rules as the sheriff," Bruner said. "[It's] a really interesting thing to do because everyone in Fabletown has an agenda...you get to interpret other Fables' motivations and how far you let them push the rules."

Unlike "The Walking Dead," "The Wolf Among Us" has time-specific story points, giving players the choice of when to go to certain locations in the story, which will allow them to experience the story in a different manner during multiple playthroughs. According to Game Informer, two events will happen at the same time, with both timelines continuing no matter what choice is made. "Expect to choose between helping a character in peril in one location versus gathering fleeting evidence in another," the article reads. Combat will also play more of a role in "The Wolf Among Us" in narrative-motivated sequences that give players more control than in "The Walking Dead." Taking a lot of damage affects Bigby's appearance, and violence in plain view might attract some unwanted attention.

Stay tuned for more details on "The Wolf Among Us" in anticipation of its release this summer.

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