New Death Note Photo Introduces the Mysterious Detective "L"

It seems Netflix is beginning to ramp up promotional efforts for its upcoming live-action movie adaptation of the acclaimed manga series "Death Note." The video-streaming service has now released a new image from the production that seems to show a meeting in a café between series protagonist Light Turner (Nat Wolff) and the enigmatic master-detective known as "L" (Keith Stansfield).

In the manga, Light comes into the possession of a supernatural notebook that will allow him to kill any human whose name he writes upon its pages. He tests its powers by writing in the names of various criminals, but soon these mysterious deaths attract the attention of a detective called "L," who becomes obsessed with uncovering the identity of the person responsible.

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The mystery of the detective's identity is all a key plot point. Light can't write down the name of his adversary in his notebook if he doesn't know what it is.

While we can't see his face of the figure on the left of the above image, fans of the manga will likely identify "L" by his idiosyncratic posture. Or, maybe it's the Shinigami Nyuk (Willem Dafoe) lurking under all that dark hooded clothing.

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Written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, “Death Note” tells the story of a high school student who stumbles across a supernatural notebook that allows the owner to kill anyone simply by writing their name in its pages.

The Netflix version of the story is directed by Adam Winged and stars Nat Wolff as Light Turner, Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton, Keith Stanfield as “L,” Paul Nakauchi as Watari, Shea Whigham as James Turner and Willem Dafoe as Ryuk. It will launch exclusively on Netflix on August 25, 2017.

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