New DC blog likely to be targeted by Darkseid

While Marvel has had blogs and a massive wiki on their website for awhile, not to mention countless editors and other employees on Twitter, DC's been a little slower to adopt all these new bright and shiny social media toys.

But here's a step in the right direction ... DC Comics has started up a blog on their website where DC PR guy Alex Segura is sharing previews of upcoming projects. It's called The Source, which fans of Jack Kirby's Fourth World books should appreciate, and right now you can find previews of Solomon Grundy #2 and Superman: World of New Krypton #2. Segura's the guy to do it, too, as he founded The Great Curve back in the day, which eventually evolved into, ahem, Robot 6. So welcome back to the world of blogging, Alex, and best of luck from your old Great Curve buddies.

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