New "Darkness" Collections Add to Anniversary Celebration!

Official Press Release

Top Cow Productions proudly announces two new The Darkness collections coinciding with the ongoing 10th Anniversary of The Darkness. The property which first debuted at the end of 1996 is well on its way to a banner year in 2007. The announcement of The Darkness video game from 2K earlier this year has fueled widespread interest in Jackie Estacado, The Darkness. To help mark "A Decade of Darkness", Top Cow Productions has announced the release of The Darkness Volume 5 Demon Inside Trade Paperback and the Art of The Darkness Softcover.

"These two collections are great additions to our backlist catalog", said Filip Sablik, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, "The Volume 5 trade paperback continues Jackie's adventures in his last ongoing series and the Art of the Darkness is overflowing with gorgeous and frightening masterpieces by all of our top artists".

The Darkness Volume 5 Demon Inside Trade Paperback collects the second arc of stories from the second The Darkness ongoing series with issues #7 through #16 in this volume. Immediately following the events in The Darkness Volume 4 Resurrection Trade Paperback, Jackie has to reestablish his control over the mafia and has a final standoff with his Uncle Paulie. The volume contains the industry's biggest creators, including Ron Marz (Witchblade, Ion), Paul Jenkins (Civil War Frontline, Wolverine: Origins), Frank Tieri (The Darkness/Wolverine, X-Men: Apocalypse/Dracula), Eric Basaldua (Hunter-Killer, Magdalena), and Mark Texeira (Ghost Rider)! The volume will have a page count of 272 and priced at $19.99,.The Art of The Darkness is a gorgeous, oversized art book celebrating the multitude of beautiful and horrifying art showcased in The Darkness over its ten year history. The art book will feature 96 pages of art, along with commentary and insight from the original artists in a beautifully designed package. Art from covers, splash pages, collectible cards, and even sketches will be included along with the most iconic images from The Darkness video game and other The Darkness merchandise all without logos or trade dress. This stunning volume contains pieces by the top names in comic art including Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Dale Keown, Jae Lee, Chris Bachalo, David Lapham, David Finch, and Whilce Portacio.

Additional information on The Darkness and the "Decade of Darkness" celebration can be found at www.topcow.com. The Darkness #1 is currently available for free at http://www.drunkduck.com/The_Darkness_Compendium/.

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