New Creator "Blogs" Now At Comiculture

Official Press Release

As part of a complete (and overdue!) redesign of the COMICULTUREwebsite, creators will be given complete control over the content ontheir "Creator's Pages" thanks to BLOGGER software.

What this means is that the creators involved will able to instantlypost art samples, news about their projects or rants & raves aboutwhatever topics interest them. All this WITHOUT waiting for the webmaster to get around to updating the site. That means more freshcontent and creator interaction for visitors to COMICULTURE.COM.

As of this writing, we are still in the process of updating the siteand setting up our new features. However, several of the creators havealready jumped in and started blogging! The list includes DON HUDSON("Gunpowder Girl and the Outlaw Squaw"), KARL ALTSTAETTER ("Deity"), STEVEBUCCELLATO ("Belle Starr"), DAVID WOHL ("Witchblade"), BRIAN BUCCELLATO("The Darkness"), MARIE JAVINS ("Scorched Birth") and more! These peoplehave waisted no time, so they MUST have a lot on their mind!

Please visit http://www.comiculture.com and follow the "creators" linkto check it out and to learn more about the Comiculture community andpublications!
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