New comic publisher, Writers' Block Comics, debuts titles at WizardWorld Chicago

Official Press Release

Writers' Bloc Comics is proud to announce the release of ShadowLands and Victoria Tech, the first new comics from a new company with some new thoughts on comics. "New is good," according to Erik Sirmenis, the co-founder of Writers' Bloc Comics, and writer of Victoria Tech, "and we thought it was time that comicdom saw what we could produce."

Writers' Bloc Comics is an evolutionary offshoot of the Writers' Bloc, an online group of comic creators using collective teamwork and networking to break into comics. The biggest difference between this group of creators, and the "company" is this: there are fewer people creating comics through the "company". "We hope that by going with a smaller group of writers and artists we will be able to produce quality comics on a more timely basis, while being fiscally prudent," said Shaun Behrens, the founder of the Writers' Bloc concept. "We don't hope to take over the comic book industry, but rather to add our voices and stories to the great work currently being done in this business."

ShadowLands follows the adventures of the federal government's branch of operatives known collectively as the Parahuman Investigative Taskforce, or the PIT. "Imagine if the United States' government had a branch of agents that could deal with all things parahuman, something like the FBI or DEA, but the PIT could handle problems that these agencies just wouldn't be equipped to deal with," Behrens adds.

Writer Shaun Behrens has been actively pursuing employment within the comic book industry for about four years. In 1997, he co-created the Gnat with artist Kaare Andrews. He has also edited the Writers' Bloc Annuals in 1998 and 1999. Behrens is joined on ShadowLands by penciller, Erik Lervold, and inker, Doug McCoy. Both are newcomers to the industry, and this is their first published work.

Also available in August from Writers' Bloc Comics, Victoria Tech special #1 is a 24-page serial continuing this cult favorite. "'The Mill' is a stand alone story perfect for first time readers," said creator Erik Sirmenis. Victoria Tech is an ongoing tale of morally ambiguous heroes rush through two worlds warped by rampant technology, scrambling for meaning and hope. Supercalculators, steam starships, and hydrogen pistols explode in the hands of a society struggling to find itself. Victoria Tech captures the 19th century while following in the tradition of Jules Verne's speculative fiction. Featuring the debut of penciller Lafe Smith, Victoria Tech is inked by Writers' Bloc regular Billy Crooks.

Please check in at www.geocities.com/writersbloccomics, premiering Wednesday, August 15, for more information on Writers' Bloc Comics.

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