New Comic Collection Software Set To Explode Into The Comic Book Community!

Official Press Release

Its just what comic book collectors, both casual and serious, have been waiting for! ComicCollectorLive.com is up and taking registrations for its 100% FREE desktop software.

The launch of the collectible portion is set for December '06, with the ability to buy and sell all or parts of your collection scheduled to debut February 1, 2007!

When you download ComicCollectorLive you'll be able to organize, track, and even appraise your collection with just a click. It's a comic book software made for EVERYONE who loves comic books.   You can easily manage your collection, build your wish list, and with one click buy or sell, and best of all, ComicCollectorLive   pays you cash every time one of your referrals buys or sells a comic book!

Kaa-ching!   That's correct.   When you refer your friends to download the FREE software, you'll earn 10% eveytime they buy or sell a comic book.

Joe Butler, President and CEO of MidTen Media Inc. created CCL out of love of collecting and to fill what he felt was a huge void in the industry.

"As a collector, I need a software product to catalog my collection. I want to know what issues were printed for a specific title. How many of the issues I have of that title, and what issues I need to complete my collection of that title. I need to know what the value of each issue is, and what it is going to cost me to complete my collection, based on the current market value. If I want to sell an issue, I need to know how "sought after" that issue is. If I need an issue to complete my collection, I need to know if it is available, and the market value of that issue. That's what Comic Collector Live does!"

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