New comic aims to dispel 'Comic Book Guy' retailer stereotype

Every week new comics appear in stores worldwide, and soon a comic will explore how one of the stores came to be.

In the upcoming one-shot comic Number One, writer Gary Scott Beatty and artist Aaron Warner look behind the counter and into the world of comics retailing. Number One follows a budding comics fan named Steve as he transitions from reader to retailer. In a statement, Beatty said the stereotype of comic retailers is "distorted," and he's hoping to change that.

“I enjoy the goofy actors on television, but few of the people I know who read comics are like that," the writer said. "I set out to write a story that, in an personal way, can explain to those outside our community why we love comics.”

From a childhood comic club to working in head shops and flea markets, Steve's path takes him down an entrepreneurial road when he launches his own store. Beatty and Warner's story doesn't gloss over the details, and shows both the positives and negatives of becoming a comics retailer.

“Comics helped Steve through some tough times growing up, and he turned his love of the medium into a comic shop business,” Beatty said. “In Number One we see whether operating the business is worth the toll it takes on his family.”

Here's a look at what to expect in Number One when it arrives in August:

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