New Batton Lash collection, "The Soddyssey," announced

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"The Soddyssey, And Other Tales of Supernatural Law"

The Soddyssey, And Other Tales of Supernatural Law, the latest collection in Batton Lash’s Supernatural Law series, is due out in October from Exhibit A Press. To get a sampling of what’s in the book, readers can go to the Exhibit A website (www.exhibitapress.com/pages/whatsnew.html) and view a 20-page sample story online.

The Soddyssey collects issues 9-16 of the original Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre comic book series. Attorneys Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd are advocates for vampires, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night. The title refers to the trials and tribulations of Wolff & Byrd’s longtime hapless client, Sodd, the Thing Called It (a send-up of the many swamp monsters that have stalked comics over the years). Beside Sodd’s saga, this 192-page volume include “The * Files” (parodying, of course, The X Files), “I’m Carrying Satan’s Baby” (Rosemary’s Baby meets Roe v. Wade), “Personal Injuries and Guardian Angels” (with Jack Benny as the guardian angel), “Bad Blood” (a takeoff on Anne Rice), and a variety of short stories.

Sodd is featured in the free sample story, "Triskaidekaphobia," originally published as Wolff & Byrd, Counselers of the Macabre #13 (October 1996). Like the rest of the stories in this collection, "Triskaidekaphobia," has been “remastered,” with all new lettering and improved production values.

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“All of the issues in this collection have been out of print for years,” says Lash, “so I’m delighted they will be available again. Some of my favorite stories are in this book, including the controversial ‘I’m Carrying Satan’s Baby,’ which takes a romance comics approach to the abortion issue.”

Lash believes that offering part of the book for free will give potential readers a taste of the kind of storytelling they can expect in the rest of the book, as well as providing a jumping on point for the whole Supernatural Law book series.

The Soddyssey is actually the “missing” volume 2 in the Supernatural Law series of deluxe trade paperbacks. It comes after volume 1, Tales of Supernatural Law (collecting issues 1-8), and before Sonovawitch! And Other Tales of Supernatural Law (volume 3, collecting issues 17-23). The other two books in the series are The Vampire Brat (issues 24-29) and Mister Negativity (issues 31-36).

The Soddyssey, And Other Tales of Supernatural LawIntroduction by F. Paul Wilson192 pages, $17.95ISBN: 978-0-9815519-0-6October 2008Sample story direct link: http://issuu.com/jackieestrada/docs/soddyssey_89-108

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