New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero Vol. 1

The Cylons were created by man... They Rebelled... They Evolved... They look and feel human... Some are programmed to think that they are human... There are many copies... And they have a plan.

Dynamite Entertainment presents the untold backstory of Battlestar Galactica, featuring the characters and events as they lead up to the re-imagined series on Scifi!

In the reimagined Scifi series, the Cylons have destroyed mankind, forcing the survivors to flee aboard the last Battlestar, the Galalctica. Here in Dynamite's Season Zero, all of the events before that apocalypse are explored, as Adama and crew face a world of action, intrigue and the growing Cylon menace.

Collecting the first 7 issues -- including the Free Comic Book Day #0 featuring the artwork of Stephen Segovia -- and featuring writer Brandon Jerwa and artists Jackson Herbert and Stephen Segovia, Season Zero Volume 1 introduces new and familiar characters to the world of the Galactica and the Twelve Colonies of Man.

Also includes a complete cover gallery, featuring photo covers and the art work of Jackson Herbert, Stephen Segovia, Adriano Batista and Stjepan Sejic.

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