New Australian "Flash" Promo Illuminates Dr. Light's Identity

This article contains major SPOILERS for next week's episode of "The Flash."

For a name DC Comics superhero making her live-action debut, Dr. Light was noticeably absent from the promo for next week's "Flash" episode, "The Darkness and the Light." That teaser instead focused on the return of Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells to the show.

Dr. Light also only showed up in a handful of promo stills for the ep, only appearing from behind. Now, after viewing the Australian promo for the episode, we know why Dr. Light's been shrouded in darkness so far. Major spoilers ahead for those that want to wait for the episode to air, especially since it seems like the show's U.S. press contingent is keen on keeping this info under wraps. You can check out the promo below -- and seriously, just close this page right now if you're anti-spoiler.

So, spoilers still in effect, there's a reason that Dr. Light has been shrouded in secrecy: It appears she's actually Earth-2 Linda Park -- and she's also next week's villain. It's been hard to find the identity of the actress playing Light; it was excluded from the official synopsis and news of the casting never appeared online, which is something that pretty much never happens when superhero shows cast superhero characters. That's because the character is being played by Malese Jow, who played Linda Park in "The Flash" season one. Jow even posted a cryptic pic to Instagram that possibly teased her Earth-2 role.

Coat so big 'cause it's full of secrets ;) it's #TheFlash day! No Linda tonight, but she'll be back in action next week.

A photo posted by Malese Jow (@malesejow) on

"The Darkness and the Light" episode of "The Flash" airs 8 p.m. Tuesday on The CW.

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