New artists for 'GI Joe'/'Micronauts'

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Image Comics and Devil's Due have officially announced that beginning with GI JOE #11, artist Kevin Sharpe will be taking over as the series' regular penciler. Additionally, current penciler Steve Kurth will take over the art on MICRONAUTS, as well as its upcoming spin-off KARZA.

"As much as I liked Steve's stuff on GI JOE, Kevin is kicking some serious butt," said Devil's Due President Josh Blaylock. "He's also one of the fastest artists I've worked with, and I think JOE fans will be blown away every issue. This also lets Steve run wild with MICRONAUTS, which is a childhood favorite of his, even moreso than GI JOE."

Sharpe comes to GI JOE following recent stints at CrossGen and Marvel, where his assignments included penciling SIGIL #4-6 and MYSTIC #12, as well as the recent XTREME X-MEN: THE SAVAGE LAND miniseries.

"I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to work on GI JOE," said Sharpe. "Following Steve will be tough, but it's a challenge I welcome. I hope to bring something new to the table and give fans a really fun and energetic take on these characters."

Meanwhile, Kurth is hard at work on the MICRONAUTS spin-off miniseriesKARZA. Kurth will be joined by fan-favorite writer Jim Krueger (EARTH X, UNIVERSE X, PARADISE X) in chronicling the origins of the Micronauts' greatest nemesis, Barzon Karza, in what is currently scheduled to be a five-issue miniseries. Following KARZA, Kurth is slated to take over as the regular penciler for the ongoing MICRONAUTS series.

"The only thing better than working on GI JOE is following JOE up withMICRONAUTS," said an enthusiastic Kurth. "Being a crazed MICRONAUTS toy--and later, comic book--fan, I just about made in my pants when Josh offered me Baron Karza. So you can imagine what I experienced when he then turned around and tossed me MICRONAUTS on top of that. Devil's Due has officially received a bill for the replacement of one pair of Hanes boxer briefs, size medium."

GI JOE #11 is due to ship in October 2002, and the all-new KARZA miniseries will debut in March 2003.

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