New Artist Joins "Impossible Tales" Mini-Series

Official Press Release

PARAMUS, NJ – After Hours Press announces Matty Tow as the new artist on the sci-fi adventure comic book "Impossible Tales" #2 of 2 set to ship in mid-December.

Tow joins the creative team lead by writer Darren Sanchez with covers by Juan Doe, who is best known for his work on X-Men: Civil War.

"Matty Tow brings the perfect style and energy to the dramatic conclusion to the Impossible Tales story arc," says Sanchez, publisher of After Hours Press. "He's the kind of talent that every publisher hopes to discover, and we feel fortunate to have him for this project."

The artist from Impossible Tales #1 moved on to pursue other penciling opportunities. To maintain a consistent visual feel, the talented David Brame stays on the team as colorist.

All Impossible Tales stories will be told in two-issue arcs. In the first 'Tale,' a young genius from the future becomes a fugitive in time when he discovers the secret to TIME TRAVEL. In the race for his life he accidentally strands himself -- along with a luxury cruise ship and crew -- 65 million years back in time! Stuck on the lethal Cretaceous Ocean with his time device fried, our science hero must figure out how to get himself and the terrified crew of the Orca II, back home alive. LOST meets JURASSIC PARK in this adventure.

The conclusion to this two-issue mini series ships in mid-December, 2006. The first issue is still available through local retailers (Diamond Order #: JUN-06-2785) or through the Wizard Online Store: http://wizarduniverse.stores.yahoo.net/jun062785.html. The second issue can be preordered at: http://wizarduniverse.stores.yahoo.net/sep062990.html.

For more information, please go to http://www.ahpcomics.com.

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