New Arraignment Scheduled for Gordon Lee

Official Press Release

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has learned that a date of May 19 has beenset for a new arraignment in the long-running case of *Georgia v. Gordon Lee*. The new arraignment restarts the road to trial for Mr. Lee, who has beendefended through the efforts of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund sinceearly 2005.

Gordon Lee, the proprietor of Legends, a comic book store in Rome, GA,stands accused of two misdemeanor counts of distribution of harmful tominors material for accidentally disseminating a copy of Alternative Comics#2, a promotional comic featuring a scene that briefly depicts famed artistPablo Picasso in the nude.

Through the efforts of his legal team led by Alan Begner and Paul Cadle, theState dropped five of the seven counts Lee initially faced when he wascharged early in 2005. Last April he was scheduled to go to trial to defendagainst the remaining misdemeanor counts but prosecutors, at the lastmoment, dismissed his case and drew up a new accusation to accommodate factsthey had apparently discovered on the eve of trial. The new accusationalleges that Lee handed "Alternative Comics #2" to a six-year-old minor andhis nine-year-old brother, instead of solely to the nine-year-old, as hasbeen previously, and repeatedly, declared.

To date the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has spent just under $60,000defending Lee's innocence, and expects costs to rise sharply as a new trialapproaches.

For more information on the Gordon Lee case and the CBLDF, please visitwww.cbldf.org. You may also make a donation to the Fund in support of thiscase by visiting the donations section and the updated web store at theCBLDF website.

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