New "Army of Darkness" Series In Stores Wednesday

Official Press Release

January 24, 2004, Runnemede, NJ – Army of Darkness: Shop 'Til You Drop (Dead) #1 hits the racks this week!

Writer James Kuhoric is joined on AOD: Shop 'Til You Drop (Dead) #1 by returning artist Nick Bradshaw, who will be providing one of the 5 dynamite covers offered on this new #1 offered at the price of $2.99 per issue!

Other cover artists include: Eric (Witchblade/Wolverine) Ebas, Jae (Thing/Hulk) Lee, Richard (Ultimate X-Men) Isanove, and Paolo (Spectacular Spider-Man) Rivera!

The Bradshaw cover will comprise 50% of the production run, with the remaining four covers sharing an equal split (or 12.5%) of the remaining 50%. Collect them all!

The wisecracking everyman with a chin of steel comes face to face with something worse than Deadite possession. Unemployment.

Recently returned from his time traveling adventure to Egypt Ash gets a taste of department store bureaucracy when he is docked for the damages caused to the store and discovers the evil spirit from the woods now inhabits the aisles of S-Mart. As a full-blown Deadite invasion manifests Ash must fight his way through possessed shoppers and find the Necronomicon before the Army of Darkness is reborn in downtown Detroit.

More information and images of the 5 covers can be found at the Dynamite Website -- special foil editions and alternates covers also available!

Dynamite also released information today on pre-orders for Army of Darkness: Shop 'Til You Drop (Dead) #4, the concluding issue of that series.

After 20000 years of utopian civilization the Deadites are terrorizing humanity again thanks to the bumbling of the Necronomicon password by one time-traveling Ashley J. Williams. Now with the evil spirits loose in the future the enlightened civilization has two choices - either stand with Ash to fight the Deadites or unceremoniously eject him and the evil through the timeline to the past. Hey no one ever said that being enlightened meant you had to be stupid...Ash finds himself propelled back to his own time only to discover that S-Mart is now a haven for the undead. To save the girl he must face his Deadite possessed friends and find a way to eliminate the evil spirit now inhabiting the aisles of everyone's favorite discount store chain. The human race needs a hero now more than ever but what they got is a halfwit with a chainsaw and a chin of steel!

The final issue of this incredible AOD comic book series features two covers: One by Nick Bradshaw and the other by Sanford Greene! Greene's cover will ship 1 for every 4 copies!

More information and images of the 2 covers can be found at the Dynamite Website -- A special Glow-in-the-Dark Edition is also available!

Army of Darkness is joined by the recently announced Red Sonja as Dynamite continues to line up the best talent on the best comics! Look for information in the coming weeks about the future of the Army of Darkness comic book series and more from Dynamite Entertainment!

For more information on Dynamite Entertainment, including more Army of Darkness and Red Sonja product, please visit the Dynamite Entertainment website at www.dynamiteentertainment.com.

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