New Annoying Thing About Batwoman

So, Dan Didio gave an interview with Newsarama recently, and here is what was said....

NRAMA: Plans for her in the immediate future? Her own series, miniseries, appearances, or can it be said at this point?

DIDIO: One of the things that I would like to do with Batwoman in particular, because we feel that who she is and the development of the character is so unique to what we're trying to accomplish in the DCU, but also to what 52 is about, one of the things I'd like to see, at least in the beginning, is to see her as a character who will be appearing primarily in 52. Them, we'll be exploring things in different ways.

To use a Marvel reference, I always liked the way that Marvel introduced the Punisher. He started in Amazing Spider-Man, and had some really landmark appearances in Daredevil, and they allowed interest in him to grow. I think this is a character that can really benefit form appearing in different books first before we test the waters with her on her own.

NRAMA: And let the fan demand fuel a project?

DIDIO: Yeah. We've introduced a lot of characters in a very short period time, and we've got a lot more coming down the pipeline, but I'd like to believe that mostly everything we do now is coming out of other things so that we're not just throwing books and ideas and concepts at people cold. I want it to be where it feels like everything has time to take root. Again, we're throwing a lot of new ideas, and more importantly, things where people are already predisposed about how they think a character should act and behave. So I want to pull them in a little more slowly now, and get them acclimated to the new directions for the series and the characters themselves, and hopefully enjoy what we're doing.

Therefore, when we do go bigger with series and stories, they're ready for it, and, as the expression goes are coming out, "Because you Demanded It!"

Okay, so then, no more than a WEEK later, we see the following from Rich Johnston...

I understand that the creative team behind the ongoing "Batwoman" series, to be launched later this year/early next year, will be Devin Grayson and Dustin Nguyen.

Now, please note that I do not expect comic book publishers and editorial to tell us everything about everything. That would be silly. However, at the same point in time, why ACTIVELY skewing the truth?

Why take pride in ONE position then, a week later, take a position 180 degrees from the first position?

So silly.

And my pal Chris had a good line when he told me, "I bet they will still have 'Because you demanded it!' on the front cover."

Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

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