New "American Horror Story" Teasers May Make Your Teeth Hurt

FX has debuted a new series of cryptic and creepy teasers for "American Horror Story" that will give you shivers but not any actual information about the upcoming sixth season.

The first video, pleasantly titled "Wind Chimes," depicts a nurse using a pair of sheers to cut through a wind chime made of human teeth, a corn husk doll and iron hooks, while in "The Shadow," the silhouette of a monstrous figure stalks a woman of the stairs. In the third, a grotesque, barely humanoid creature crawls on railroad tracks toward the viewer.

Do any of these, or the ones released previously, offer any clues to the theme or the setting of the new season? Perhaps. FX Networks CEO John Landgraft teased last week at the Television Critics Associations' summer press tour that only one of the promos is accurate. "The others are all misdirects," he said.

Although co-creator Ryan Murphy typically announces the cast and the subtitle for each new season several months in advance, this time he's keeping everything close to the vest. "Every year, we lay out the themes and the new genre Ryan is going to be approaching," Landgraf said. "We thought it'd be fun [this year] to keep it a mystery — so we are."

"American Horror Story" returns Sept. 14 on FX.

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