New "All-New, All-Different Marvel" Teaser Features Wolverine, Daredevil, Thing

Marvel Comics has followed-up its debut "All-New, All-Different" teaser with another image featuring a lineup of characters depicted in their post-"Secret Wars" status quos. The first image, also from artist David Marquez and featuring Iron Man at the center, mostly showed characters that look to be unchanged come this fall, this teaser emphasizes the "new" and "different" parts of the initiative.

Pictured in the teaser art are:

  • Citizen V -- originally the "heroic" alter ego of Baron Zemo -- in his original Thunderbolts uniform

    • While it may not look like him, Marvel has confirmed that that is the Inhuman Karnak rocking a street-level look

    • Hyperion, another prominent player in Jonathan Hickman's recently concluded "Avengers" epic

    • "Inhuman" protagonist Inferno and, just on the other side of Iron Man, an unchanged Inhuman ruler Medusa

    • Daredevil sporting a new black and red costume, possibly a nod to the dark duds the Man Without Fear wore in his Netflix series

    • X-23 -- confirmed by Marvel -- in her new Wolverine-esque suit

    • Star-Lord, same as before "Secret Wars"

    • A mostly unchanged Doctor Strange, except this time carrying a massive battle axe

    • And Old Man Logan, possibly one of the characters surviving Battleworld and continuing on into the new Marvel U

    Keep checking CBR for more "All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe" news as it breaks.

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