New 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' Trailer Debuts for Daylight Savings

In a timely move by Disney -- pun intended -- the studio released a new trailer today for their upcoming film "Alice Through the Looking Glass."

The trailer features many of the returning cast members, including Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, and Helena Bonham Carter. The trailer also introduces two new characters, played by Sacha Baron Cohen and Rhys Ifans.

While Alice's first movie, "Alice in Wonderland," featured elements from Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass" book, it would appear that this film is less about slaying jabberwockies, and more about tracking down lost time.

At one point Alice appears to be inside a giant clock, and meets a small cog-like character. Somehow this character has something to do with the Mad Hatter's past, and Alice must travel back in time to save him.

Considering today is Daylight Savings, it is a perfect day to showcase a film about time.

"Alice Through the Looking Glass" opens in theaters on May 27.

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