New Alan Brennert Novel!

Alan Brennert, one of the best writers working at DC during the 1980s, just came out with his latest novel. For those of you who recall how talented Brennert was, be sure to check it out at his website here.

Although, Alan, come on, throw us comic fans a bone! Not a single mention of your great comic work on your website? Brennert did not write a ton of comics (little more than a dozen stories, and that's including some back-up stories he wrote), but what he DID write was just outstanding. Of his work, TWO of his Batman stories made the 1988 edition of The Greatest Batman Stories of All-Time trade collection, and a third Brave and the Bold story made the 1989 edition of The Greatest Team-Ups of All-Time collection.

Pretty amazing for a guy who wrote so relatively few comic books.

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